>> Discover the thrill of mountain biking with other women! <<


  • Private/one-on-one lesson (75 minutes) = $75 per person
    • Optional Private/one-on-one lesson (two hours) only $120 per person
  • Semi-Private (two friends, couples, parent and child) lesson (90 minutes) = $55 per person
    • Optional two hour lesson for 2 people only $60 per person
  • Small Group (three to six people) lesson (90 minutes) = $45 per person
    • Optional two hour Small Group lessons for $50 per person

Half-day clinics vary in cost depending on location, group size limitations and specific skills covered.

Are you too busy to make the scheduled classes? Maybe you have very specific skills you'd like to polish up on. Then one-on-one classes may be more up your alley (single track). Simply e-mail Andrea and she will contact you by phone to discuss your specific needs, schedule, fears, hopes, dreams, etc.

Simply email Andrea at andreat@womenonbikes.com for any questions you might have on rates.